Get to know Plantchek.

We are the trusted standard for onsite cannabis testing.

Although cannabis is becoming more accessible for authorized users, dependable tools to test for potency/quality remain out of reach for most. We wanted to change that so the average consumer could confidently track and test the potency of their cannabis and cannabis-based products without the help of a lab.

We created our Plantchek CBD and THC Quick Test Kits to help cultivators and consumers get to know their cannabis and cannabis-based products.

Growing cannabis confidence, one test at a time.

Plant Knowledge

Cannabis consumers and cultivators have the right to know the potency/quality of their cannabis and cannabis-based products.

We believe that knowledge is power, and will continue to develop tools to inform and empower our customers through easy, accurate and affordable onsite cannabis testing so they can have confidence in their cannabis and cannabis-based products.

Our story

Founded in 2005, Plantchek’s parent company, Compassionate Analytics, is the vision of Josh Eades PhD and Philippe Lucas PhD, two Canadian academics focused on developing state-of-the-art scientific products and analytical services.

Compassionate Analytics produces simple, accurate THC and CBD test kits for cannabis researchers, the legal cannabis industry, and authorized cultivators, patients and consumers.

What makes us unique?

A passion for precision, consistency and reliability

  • Patented lab quality testing right from your home/lab/office/facility.
  • Developed by PhD scientists and researchers.
  • Dependable and affordable on-site testing in under 10 minutes.
  • An international brand advocating and educating the cannabis industry and consumers around the globe.